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2016, Hong Kong, Color, HD

Language: Cantonese

Duration: 176 min






In response to Occupy Wall Street in 2011, Occupy Central occurred in Hong Kong. Tai Cho, a university student joins the movement with his girlfriend Yi and occupies the public area at HSBC for nearly a year. Yi is jailed for attacking the police, and Tai Cho falls in love with Yi's mother, Wan. Maxim, the heir to a soy sauce fortune, takes part in the movement and experiences a political awakening, leading him to return to his roots. His ex Man is a reporter obsessed with recording local history destined to disappear. Li Lei, a young woman from China, lives an unremarkable life with her boyfriend Yin in a tiny apartment until her life is changed by a mysterious internet celeb Ha Mai. They are stuck in their directionless lives until the outbreak of the Umbrella Revolution in 2014.  


PSEUDO SECULAR was made with crown funding. Combining documentary and dramatic styles, the film depicts the fate of Hong Kong people in turbulent times.

Festival and Screening

2016 The South Taiwan Film Festival, Opening Film

2016 34th Torino Film Festival, Onde

2017 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival
2017 台灣 第三十八屆金穗獎入圍暨電影短片輔導金成果影展

2017 19th Taipei Film Festival, Asian Prism, Hong Kong Ongoing

2018 6th Singapore Chinese Film Festival, Chinese Panorama

2018 台灣 高雄.香港獨立電影節, YEC & Kaohsiung Film Archive

2019 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival in Berlin, YEC & BABYLON

Full Crew & Credits

Producer 監製                                                Rita Hui 許雅舒

                                                                          Tze Ki Ho 
Director 導演                                                  Rita Hui 許雅舒

Screenplay 編劇                                             Rita Hui 許雅舒

                                                                          Dorothy Cheung

Director of Photography 攝影指導            Nelson Szeto 司徒勁鋒

                                                                          Luk Ho Wong

                                                                          Chi Him Yuen

                                                                          Ho Ming Lau

                                                                          Rick Lau

                                                                          Carlos Ho Sing Leung                                                                               

Art Director 美術指導                                  Albert Yim Sum Poon                                                             

Sound Design 音效設計                               Bone Chi Fung Chan

Original Score 原創音樂                              Hin Yin Wong

Editor 剪接                                                     Wai Nap Wong           

                                                                          Rita Hui 許雅舒


Casts 演出:

Tai Cho 太初                                                    Siuyea Chun Yip Lo 

Maxim 格言                                                     Chan Leung Poon 

Wan 雲                                                             Abby Man Yee Chan 

Li Lei 李彌                                                       Fiah Liew                    

Yi 宜                                                                  Helen Ko 

Yi (voice) 宜 (聲音)                                   Kwun Fee Chan 

Man 敏                                                             Erica Mi Ming Yuen  

Ha Mai 蝦米                                                    Booby Pui Shuk Yu 

Yin 彥                                                               Ka Ki Shum

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