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2017, Hong Kong, Color, HD

Language: Cantonese

Duration: 73 min





Frolicking on the streets in Central. Finding the lips that are longing for kisses. Seeing the glimmer of rebellion in a never-ending tunnel. Shouting hoarse for the passion that never returns at the top of Pitt Street. We can’t help but dance. We have to tread on the edge. Be wild. Move our bodies. Revive our senses to life. Push against the absurdity of the everyday.

Independent film director Rita Hui creates In the Wild with dancer Frankie Ho, Abby Chan and songwriter Hin-yan Wong. Walking down the street after street, performer Siuyea Lo uses his body to respond to Hong Kong’s rapid changes and to raise a question the now through dance and music.

Festival and Screening

Commissioned by Contemporary Dance Company for 2017 Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival

2018 Selected scene for Dance Films Association, BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, New York

2018 The South Taiwan Film Festival, Official selected Southern Awards – Experimental Class of Global Chinese Film Competition

2019 The Aesthetica Short Film Festival (York, UK), selected Feature Film 

Full Crew & Credits

Director導演                                                  Rita Hui 許雅舒

Director of Photography 攝影指導            Pui Kwan Ho 何沛鈞

                                                                          Carlos Ho Sing Leung 梁皓昇

                                                                          Zachary Yiu Tung Ip 葉耀東

Art Director 美術指導                                  Ka Yue Ma 馬嘉裕

Sound Design 音效設計                               Bone Chi Fung Chan 陳智豐

Original Score 原創音樂                              Hin Yan Wong 黃衍仁

Editor 剪接                                                     Rita Hui 許雅舒

Choreography 舞蹈編排                               Frankie Ching Yu Ho@Hook Dance Theatre 何靜茹@舞合劇場

Choreography (Dark Glasses)                     Abby Chan 陳敏兒 
舞蹈創作 (墨鏡)


Casts 演出:

Abby Chan 陳敏兒

Wai Pan Cheng 程偉彬

Chun Yip Lo 盧鎮業

Frank Ching Yu Ho@Hook Dance Theatre 何靜茹@舞合劇場

Jonathan Chun Lok Hung 洪俊樂

Sau Yin Leung 梁秀妍 

Kin Wai Lee 李健偉

Yuen Wai Lui 呂沅蔚

Lok Kin So 蘇樂鍵

Henry Shum 岑智頤 

Katherine Hoi Lam Yip 葉凱琳

Wan Chi Wong 王蘊芝 

Chung Wai Ng 伍仲偉

Ashely Chi Fung Choi 蔡芷楓

Natalie Mak 麥碗兒

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