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2001, Hong Kong, Color, Beta

Language: Cantonese & Shanghainese

Duration: 25 min






The meaning of “Chionanthus Retusus”, it is a kind of flower, which with the same meaning of the character in Eileen Chang’s noble “Love in a Fallen City”--- LiuSu.

In the story, she had an affair with a man-call Fan Liuyuan, their relationship seem to develop basic on told leis for good to each other. The feeling may be the truth, but who knows, and who will care about it, most of the relationship basic on “leis”, become happy. In this video, I use Chinese opera, dance and some article references to represent the story and the relationship between them.

The woman LiuSu, telling a story in the basic of a Chinese women image, her name as a kind of clothes, and questioning is a woman image representing by cloths or her body, and what else left after a woman without clothes and her body.

Festival and Screening

2002  Selected Work, Montecini Festival in Italy

2010  Selected Work, Jumping Frames: Discover Asia

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