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Project next wave


2020, Hong Kong, Color, HD

Language: Cantonese 

CCDC Project Online Streaming


三位本土年青編舞:CCDC 舞者柯志輝、馬汶萱,和香港舞壇新星邱加希將帶來煥然一新的實驗創作,三人以舞訴說世事流轉,叩問當下、生命和個人價值,牽引萬千思潮,煥發一波舞壇新浪潮!


CCDC is dedicated to bringing the original and dazzling dance productions to the audience. This year we continue our commitment to emerging choreographers and present Project NEXT Wave to amaze you with the young artists’ creativity.

The incredibly talented CCDC dancers Felix Ke and Christy Poinsettia Ma, and HK promising independent artist KT Yau collaborate together to showcase a rich diversity of choreographic ideas, exploring the topics of presence, life and one’s value. Don’t miss this adventure of raw talent and fresh ideas from some of Hong Kong’s most exciting dance creators.

With the “dual-track” mode specially designed for the pandemic situation, CCDC continues to bring you wonderful creations by the artists both online and live. We are thrilled to stage Project NEXT Wave at Ko Shan Theatre from 2 to 4 October; simultaneously, the digital version directed by HK dance film director Rita Hui will be streamed worldwide. Join us and experience this new wave in all directions!

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