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2012, Hong Kong, Color, HDV

Language: Cantonese

Duration: 115 min



在一次告別親友的儀式,綿綿逐漸表現出不尋常舉動,身體與意識之間逐漸的割裂,令她不尋常的,是靈。不同的記憶、意識、身份、行為在綿綿中徘徊不定,與廢了雙腿的男友、心理醫生建構一個特殊的關係網。 一個身體,綿綿與靈之間精神上的交感,使她們遊走於「羅酆山」,看見水順流而去,建構不同的情境與想像,探勘意識,是一個超於物外,回歸自然,進入一片無名以狀的水墨旅程。 綿綿與靈打開一道門,進入一個處境,走向另外一個世界。 「羅酆山是地獄,地獄是現世。」

In a farewell ceremony for a friend of the family, Cotton acts abnormally because of Ling. Her body and her consciousness are separating. Different memories, consciousnesses, identities and actions are lingering inside Cotton, which collaborates the unusual relationship between herself, her lame boyfriend and her psychiatrist. There is the one body, in which Cotton and Spirit (Ling) connect with each other spiritually and which leads them wandering the “Luo Feng Mountain”. There is water flowing downstream which constitutes different scenes and imageries, delving into the consciousness. It presents something that is beyond substance. It returns them to nature and begins an indescribable journey of Chinese ink painting. Cotton and Ling are opening a door, into a situation that entering another world — The Bardo. “Luo Feng Mountain is the Underworld. The Underworld is our secular."

Festival and Screening

2013 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival

2013 Busan International Film Festival Official Selected of A Window of Asia Cinema

2013 The South Taiwan Film Festival, Focus Director

2013 Korea Seoul Independent Film Festival

2014 Korea Seoul, Korea Film Archive program, The Best of the Seoul Independent Film Festival

2014 台灣 第三十六屆金穗獎入圍暨電影短片輔導金成果影展 神秘保留場
2017 Japan & Hong Kong Independent Cinema Festival 

Full Crew & Credits

Exec. Producer 監製                                     Wen CHANG 張雯
                                                                          Venus WONG 黃曉文
Director 導演                                                  Rita Hui 許雅舒

Screenplay 編劇                                             Rita Hui 許雅舒

                                                                          Yuejin HO 何禹旃

Director of Photography 攝影指導            Kubbie TSOI 蔡高比                                                                      

Art Director 美術指導                                  Honkaz FUNG 馮慶強                                                    

Sound Design 音效設計                               Benny Chan 陳振邦 

Original Score 原創音樂                              Samson YOUNG 楊嘉輝

Editor 剪接                                                     Wai Nap WONG 黃偉納

                                                                          Rita Hui 許雅舒


Casts 演出:

Cotton 綿綿                                                     Michelle Wai 衛詩雅

Ling 靈                                                             Mitsu Hana 蔣蜜

Hang 恆                                                           Ryan Lau 柳俊江

Master 師父                                                    Han Man Ko 高翰文                   

Doctor 醫生                                                    Wing Chung Leung 梁榮忠

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