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2012, Hong Kong,  Color, HD

Duration: 15 min

​Four Video Channel Installation



一齣遊走於傳統水墨畫與電影之間的心理幻想劇,兩個 靈魂因為對物件與影象的執迷而連繫在一起。兩位主角 ─靈與棉存在於同一驅體中,並在意識層面上互相共 鳴。電影勾勒出十段關於幻想和真實記憶的不同概念結 構,以製造出多種場景去探索人們的意識。在銀幕上, 由繪畫所呈現的旅程把物質昇華,讓它們歸於大自然 的未知空無。靈與棉打開通往另一個世界的大門─羅酆 山,以抽象方式描繪出人與自然的關係,有如水墨畫般 把肉身轉化成靈居。

In this psychologically driven fantasia set in a
territory shared by both the cinema and traditional ink painting, the story of two spirits is related through the attachments of objects and images. Sharing a single body, Cotton and Ling are somehow sympathetic
in consciousness. The film outlines ten different conceptual structures that call upon memories both imaginary and real in order to construct various situations for the exploration of consciousness. On the screen, it is a journey through painting that transcends materials in order to return to the unknown void of nature. Cotton and Ling open a door onto another world known as Luo Feng Shan, conceived as an abstract illustration of the relationship between man and nature similar to that of ink painting: the body is made receptive to living spirits.

Festival and Screening

2012 Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Grand Opening Festival, The Burning Edge Making Space Activating Form

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