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red riding hood


2005, Hong Kong, Color, DV

Language: Cantonese 

Duration: 14min





This is a hunting process, how to control prey. This prey is a story. This is a rather brutal process, like a fox tempting Little Red Riding Hood.
Girl hunting story, the owner of the story is her, it can be him. The story is the story of the two of them.
The female body is established from having sex, and from the experience of having sex again examines the existence method of one's own body. It is a kind of reading, a joy of opening, a possibility of reading rewriting. The relationship between subject and object is no longer binary. It's a fox, it's a wolf. With the identity of a fox, one can pursue freedom and happiness.

Festival and Screening

2005, The Lab: Hong Kong Video/Film Artists Series#2 Rita Hui, Hong Kong Art Centre

2013 The South Taiwan Film Festival, Focus Director

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