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dead slowly


2009, Hong Kong, Color, HDV

Language: Cantonese

Duration: 90 min





The so-called “relationship” doesn’t exist, but only fictional relationship throughout the whole process: Rabbit is jumping through the hole of time, turning into the awakening of a lady, Mei, who gradually realizes herself living in the ambiguity of her life. Plainclothes policeman, Jing, remembers his past failure 8 years ago while he is investigating an ordinary food poison case. He traps into the casual relationship between present and past, devotes himself for the useless redemption and imagination for the suspect of the case, Mei. Ying, the younger sister of Mei, is losing her way, her love, her reliable sister, no way out, giving up is the only exit. Ching, the wife of Jing, who supposed to be outsider, her identity is the only thing of her: as the wife of Jing, as the mother of her son and the made-up relationship with Yin, a policeman in the police station, through other’s eyes. The longing for cutting and wiping out all of them, to reborn from death, is shutting down all relationship. In fact, is there nothing more than a dead female body for so much imagination, more stories inside her mind and more possibility for such reading for the relationship?

Festival and Screening

2009, Pusan International Film Festival Official Selected of New Current

2009, Hong Kong Asia Independent Film Festival Opening Film

2009, Nomination on Best Director, Best Flim (Producer & Director), Asian Festival of 1st Film, Singapore

Full Crew & Credits

Exec. Producer 監製                                     Jessey Tsang 曾翠珊

                                                                          Kattie Fan 范可琪
Director/ Screenplay 導演/編劇                Rita Hui 許雅舒

Director of Photography 攝影指導            Nelson Szeto 司徒勁鋒

                                                                          Angus Tong 戴偉棠

Art Director 美術指導                                  Ahong Cheung 張兆康

                                                                          Heiward Mak 麥曦茵

Sound Design 音效設計                               May Mok 莫美華

Original Score 原創音樂                              Choi Sai Ho, aka ST 蔡世豪

Editor 剪接                                                     Haze Tsui 崔嘉曦           

                                                                          Rita Hui 許雅舒


Casts 演出:

Mei 眉                                                              Joman Chiang 蔣祖蔓

Ching 清                                                          Siu Man Ko 高少敏

Ying 凝                                                             Sheung Ling Cheng 鄭湘玲

Yin 彥                                                               Yiu Sing Lam 林耀聲                   

Boy 男孩                                                          Cliff Huen 禤天揚

Jing 政                                                             Samuel Pang 彭敬慈

Uncle Chi 智叔                                               Risky Lui  廖劍清

Mother 母親                                                   Brenda Chan 陳桂芬

Rabbit 兔子                                                    Edwin Lo  羅潤庭

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