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2011, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Color, HD

Language: Cantonese 

Duration: 50 min



這是關於她們給我記錄下來的故事。她們在鏡頭前做了幕幕的戲, 她們在我在我的攝影機前,不自主的做了一場又一場的生活硬照。我與我的攝影機不是想找出她們“真實”的一面,她們知道這不是尋找的一個過程,這只是單純的與攝影在做“偽”。

她們 (Jessey Tang, Siuman Ko, Ar Fee and Siu Ding) 每一個,相比我,更懂什麼是戲。戲於鏡頭在運動之時,已經建立了,我與她們一起在鏡頭前做戲了。由New York到香港的大藍湖,再與日本東京談一場無歡戀愛,Jessey 不好受的被記錄與我與鏡頭做“偽”的演了一幕又一幕的戲。正如她對我說,我從來都沒有在拍攝的過程與她建立互信的拍攝關係,對,因我根本不能做到。這是一個“偽”旅程,而從來拍攝就是一種“偽“,就是一種演。這是否一個記錄片,我自己都說不準。



What is the relationship between ‘performing’ and ‘story’? Which comes first, ‘performing’ or ‘story’?  How ‘performing’ should be positioned in a story?  Director Rita Hui attempts to look into these questions by documenting her female friends, Jessey Tang, Siuman Ko, Ar Fee and Siu Ding, who all have a subtle relationship with ‘performing’. Thus comes In Blue, the start of the experiment and the first story of New Age (working title).  And yet does documentary, by nature, guarantee reality without the slightest performance? What if the performers not only include the documented objects, but also the subject who is holding the camera?

Festival and Screening

2010 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival

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