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1999, Hong Kong, Color, Beta

Language: Cantonese 

Duration: 55 min





Based on the fairy tale ”Alice in the Wonderland “, this short film reworks the characters and events of Alice’s story in a contemporary manner.

In the new version, Alice meets a man like a rabbit, which she follows. She enters a miserable world, but cannot adapt to it and becomes terribly unhappy. She decides to usurp the Queen’s position.


If Alice were alive today, perhaps she would be a reflection of a modern girl. She thinks she is pure and white, but she also knows that she should express her feelings when she wants love and use everything available to her, including her body, to release her plans. She does whatever she likes, controls the life of her boyfriend, sets up her own world, just like Alice when she wants to be Queen.

Festival and Screening

1999/7/15 in Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall In "Super Frame" Program

2000 Screening Program in Independent Yours of Hong Kong Arts Centre

2000 Selected Work, Onair 100 in Internet

2000 Selected Work, 無人駕駛in Cable TV

2013 The South Taiwan Film Festival, Focus Director

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